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  • Very high mechanical resistance
  • High resistance to chemical attack
  • Maximum versatility
  • Health-safe

MODULARS is an innovative and versatile refractory element made with a high mechanical strength material, therefore can be obtained narrow and very long bars, up to 3000 mm.
Flanking the complementary elements between them, it forms a continuous surface without cracks between one element and the other. In this way we realize large ideal cooking plans, for example, for sanitary sector, where there are high loads.
High resistance to chemical attack results from the composition and low porosity. For this reason MODULARS is ideal as vault and walls lining in aggressive places.
The particular geometry strikes the imagination: MODULARS can remedy any need, especially in emergency case, with a simple cut.


Thanks to geometry and to extremely resistant material, MODULARS may have several applications, including:

  • Cooking plan: we can make large cooking plans of any width flanking the various elements. The plans can be easily modified, removing or adding elements. For example, in sanitary sector, the cars can be modified according to the dimension to be fired.
  • Kiln vault: they can replace the vault plates, especially with aggressive atmospheres.
  • Lining: it’s a real element of construction of plans and walls, and it’s ideal to create protective surfaces in chemically aggressive places.
  • Chicane: it can replace ceramic fiber and cordierite chicane currently on the market; the elements, independent, can be adjusted to different heights to create particular profiles that perfectly follow the material during firing: this allows to homogenize with high precision the temperature inside a specific area of the kiln, improving the quality of the product.
  • Support: it can become a support column of plates to create plans in intermittent kilns, for example in artistic ceramics or special pieces cooking.
Content of Al2O3 70-80%
Modulus of rupture 450 kg/cm2
Apparent porosity 14-16%
Bulk density 2.8-2.9 g/cm3
Thermal expansion coefficient 5.5-6.0 x10-6/K
Thermal shock resistance Very good

The data shown are obtained from laboratory tests on the finished product and do not provide any warranty.